The Wanderer

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Commitment Phobe


Love this song for lots of reasons.It sings so tunefully about that thing that so many people shy away from – commitment.

First, there’s the beat – can’t beat toe tapping music I reckon. Sure, it’s good for dancing and good for singing along with and it’s even better for dating and romance. Best of all good music is great for the soul.

But maybe songs about wanderers aren’t good when you’ve got one of your own!

What is Commitment?

Are you in a committed relationship with someone who takes off every now and then? Are they being nasty or are they just trying to keep love alive by finding themselves?

How do you cope with a guy (or girl) who wants it both ways? They want to enjoy the security that a commitment offers and have the freedom to play the field.

Well guess what? It just isn’t possible to have the best of both worlds. Sure you might fool other people for a long time. You might even fool yourself for a while but eventually you’ll start to realize that you are only having half of both worlds.

Is it a maturity thing? I don’t know. I’m inclined to think that it is and one approach that is regularly adopted by those who might be closet commitment phobes. Fear of commitment usually spells the end of a relationship. So, if you’re a commitment phobe can you save your marriage or relationship before its too late?

Enjoy Dion singing The Wanderer and consider if you are truly having the best of both worlds or only half of both. There may be a need for you to confront your phobia and get some help withpersonal development.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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