Done a Bit of Cheating Lately?

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Know Any Cheating Spouses?

What a statistic!

Sixty five percent of Americans have either had an affair or are cheating right now on their marriage. Are you one of these statistics?

Who is harder to catch out? Have you been caught out yet? Is it the case that guys, deep down want to get caught and women, deep down don’t?

Cheating Spouses

Cheating Spouses

Infidelity in Marriage

It seems cheating and infidelity are rife in marriage? It doesn’t make it right, of course and who knows how many people in this survey lied. Let’s face it, cheating on your partner is the same as lying so why not consider the possibility that those who took part in the survey were actually lying? They may have exaggerated their extra-marital encounters. They may have downplayed them even.

Private Investigation of that Cheating

Seems, from the video that women are the harder to catch at cheating. Alarmingly the Private Investigator says this is so because women are afraid of “getting hurt when she gets home”. He says this so matter of factly, I am gobsmacked. Since when was an affair justification for domestic violence.

There is is justification for violence and if you are the victim of verbal, physical, mental or all three types of abuse then you need to seek help now. Violence is not acceptable. Don’t put up with it.

Cheating Spouse and Violence

Cheating Spouse and Violence

This Private Detective that is interviewed on the video isn’t a counselor but … He says: Men cheat for sex; Women cheat for emotional support.

If this seems like you it is a better idea that you look to what is wrong either within yourself, within your relationship or both to discover what has brought you to this point. An affair is not going to solve anything. On the contrary, it will just make matters worse.

Would you Take Your Cheating Spouse Back?

75% of women with children will forgive their cheating husbands; 75% of men who discover their wives have been unfaithful go for divorce.

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