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How to Catch a Cheater

Here are 10 easy tips that should alert you to a problem, if there is one in your marriage or relationship. But a word of warning, don’t go looking for trouble where there is none. Marriages and relationships go through rough patches that doesn’t mean you have marriage problems. But, if you suspect cheating here is some relationship advice.

First off:

  • follow the money

Are you noticing higher than normal credit card bills? Are there unexplained items on the accounts that your partner tries to brush aside with ‘must be a mistake, Ill look into it’

  • longer hours away from home

Is you other half spending longer at work, working later, taking more out of town trips? Is she just trying to build her career or is there more to it. Is there a new guy in her office or a new boss? Perhaps the explanation is as straight forward as, the economy is down and she is shoring up her place in the firm so that she becomes indispensible?

  • watch out for ATM withdrawals

It’s again a question of where is the money coming from and where is it going? Are they using an ATM in a different district?

  • cell phone usage

Whose number is coming up a lot? Do you dare to ring it to see who answers?

  • home phone bills

Could your partner be ringing chat lines from the home phone? Those lines charge by the minute and it sure adds up. Cheating via a chatline is still cheating, don’t try and convince yourself otherwise

  • appearance

How is your man looking these days? New suit? Snazzy ties? Different style of haircut even. These may be innocent markers or they may be indications that something new or someone new has taken their fancy.

  • online evidence

We’re all becoming much more tech savvy. So, is your spouse deleting his computer history for ethical reasons or is he trying to cover his tracks? Check out the software that you can get now to help you with this issue. It even uncovers keystrokes!

  • phone calls at all hours

Keep track of when the calls are coming in. Your gut feeling will tell you if this is legitimate or not. There are also ways of tracking cell phone numbers too.

  • new hobby

Has your partner suddenly become engrossed in golf or has he taken out a gym membership and you’re not invited? Sure it’s good to do thing separately but ask yourself why now? Why this?

  • arguing more

This may be a new ploy for him to get out of the house to spend time with his other partner. Arguing is not necessarily a sign of a marriage problems. It may be that your relationship really is going through a rough patch. Only you can decide which it is.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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