Capricorn – The Goat

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Capricorn, you are the tenth sign of the Zodiac and your dates are generally taken to be December 22 – January 20.

You are tied to the earth and this affects the choices you make and the goals you set. Ever practical, linear, detailed, and steadfastly focused you, the Goat need to guard against becoming too anal retentive.


The Capricorn loves to work, loves to accomplish things and your greatest efforts are always aimed at a higher goal. Working for the sake of working doesn’t appeal to the Capricorn mentality. Working for a higher purpose does.

Capricorn Goat


Capricorn Goat


As a Capricorn, you are dependable and honest and you can be relied upon to keep any promises made. Capricorns are certainly capable of saying no. You just say no in a polite, indirect way that rarely causes offence. Typically, the Capricorn is very thoughtful, able to inject tremendous vision into projects, and add hope and imagination into their life plans and goals.

The methodical nature of the Capricorn’s work ethic may fool some into minimizing the Capricorn’s intellect. To do so is to make a mistake. Capricorns can have razor sharp intellects, so proceed with caution and watch your Capricorn in action, and be amazed.

Establishing and maintaining relationships can be difficult for some Capricorns. You tend to be solitary, self-reliant individuals, focused on the task at hand with little time for the frivolous social banter that’s required to start a friendship or ignite a romance. Given time, however, lots of time, Capricorn will open up about their feelings. Your partner needs to be made aware of just how long this can take and of course, be prepared to wait and be patient.

By nature, Capricorns tend to be thrifty and enjoy getting the most value out of each and every one of life’s resources. This includes money, time, energy and relationships. – everything, in fact.

Above all else, the Capricorn yearns for and admires substance, reliability and proven performance. So, if you are a Goat these are the qualities you need to look for if you haven’t already.

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