Capricorn and Taurus

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Continuing with the star sign compatibility series we have two down to earth signs. Capricorn with Taurus can be a great combination. You are both Earth sign, so in reality you are very similar.

Both of you are introverted, very practical and persistent, and tenacious people. Capricorn and Taurus are both devoted and faithful lovers, so the combination can result in an excellent relationship, not only loving but also business relationship.

You need to be aware that if you do not have intention of pursuing a long lasting, monogamous relationship, then you better cut it short before you start. On the other hand, you could achieve a lot together.

But Taurus you need to be careful of not taking the goat for granted. If you do so the goat will probably withdraw his heart form the relationship, and then things will not be good.

Capricorn and Taurus, being both introverted you can even communicate with no words You can get to know each other so well that words are not necessary for communication. You always keep your problems to yourselves, therefore you will resolve any conflicts behind closed doors.

Capricorn, you are ruled by Saturn which makes you very responsible, serious and careful. Nevertheless Capricorns have a good sense of humor.  The Goat is also very concerned about the image others have of him.

Taurus, you are ruled by Venus. Your sensuality is a point on your favor. Taurus love  luxurious possessions, fine dining and entertainment.

Capricorn, likewise Taurus, you are also attracted to fine and beautiful possessions. Be careful that your relationship is not based only on material things.

As said the relationship will work, but perhaps it will not last forever, so you better enjoy it whilst it lasts. If it lasts the relationship will get better with time but you may focus on the materialistic side.

Capricorn with Taurus

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