Are Capricorn and Scorpio Compatible?

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Capricorn and Scorpio – What kind of Match is this?

This is a great match. Congratulations on finding each other! These two zodiac signs are very compatible in love.

You are both ambitious. You admire and respect each other’s personal qualities and there are some pretty fundamental values that you both have in common. What could be better than a meeting of lovers at the deep level of values?

So, what’s the catch? Just as you share some very fundamental traits that can be considered positive there are a few characteristics that you both have that you may find irritating.

You are both dominating by nature but one are you do differ in is the area of emotion. Capricorn you tend to be aloof and you do love, and will fiercely defend, your own personal space. Remember it is you who will climb to the top, regardless of who is beside you! Scorpio you are equally as strong willed as your Capricorn and you are more passionate by nature.

But, if you are in this for the long haul and you’ve set goals that you both want and have your sights on, you two are incredibly focused and unbeatable.

More About The Goat and The Scorpion

The Goat: The methodical nature of the Capricorn’s work ethic may fool some into minimising the Capricorn’s intellect. To do so is to make a mistake. Capricorns can have razor sharp intellects, so proceed with caution and watch your Capricorn in action, and be amazed.

Scorpio: The truth is that Scorpio doesn’t like sharing their deep feelings. However, anyone who wins the love of the Scorpion will know what it is to experience true love, affection and romance.

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Summary: control, rigid, allegiance, diplomacy

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