How to Marry a Capricorn Man

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Capricorn Male Traits – What are they?

So, you want to marry a Capricorn male!

Have you checked your Horoscope Compatibility?

If you are up to the job then this is what you need to do. Be successful. That sums it up.

Your Capricorn man loves nothing more than being proud of his successful partner. But don’t be too successful. He doesn’t like to be overshadowed though – just proud. So, don’t shine too brightly.

His main concern lies with being the provider. This is his primary focus and if he is allowed to do this he’ll feel he is doing the right thing. Chances are, also, he will become a workaholic. He sees work as his obligation and duty and this is basically the only way he knows how to show that he really loves you.

As a young Capricorn male, your partner was probably serious and ambitious but, the good news is, as he matures he will probably lighten up.

If this seems like a good scenario, go for it. Grab your Capricorn and sail off into the sunset.

So, now you have my thoughts on the Capricorn Male…

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