Capricorn: a Goat Clinging to the Mountain Edge

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Capricorn Fun Facts

In fairness to all you Capricornians out there, your symbol started life as a hybrid rather than a four legged animal. No, you are not really the Goats of life clinging to the side of the mountain (although it probably feels like you are). How can this be you when your original sign was a goat/fish cross?

Astrologically, although you may have started life as a hybrid you are now the modern day equivalent of the all terrain vehicle! How practical is that? I bet that rings a bell with all you Capricorns. Check out the video to get a good image of this.

Oh, and did we mention that being an all terrain vehicle is not necessarily all positive. Sure, Capricornians are steady and reliable in any environment but did I mention the part about keen focus and natural ability to run over anyone or anything that gets between them and their goal. Maybe, this is a little harsh, but I’m sure you get the idea.


Those born under the sign of Capricorn are born worriers. See those frown lines that look like train tracks on the forehead of the Goat? No, they are not goat tracks on the brow, they are super worry lines.

So, how do you live with all this madness and badness around you Capricorn? Some of it is real, but a lot of it is imaginary and is located just behind you worry lines – in your mind only. You have developed a way of pulling yourself out of your downers – and bravo to you for being so resourceful. For those who don’t know what Capricorn do to cheer themselves up – watch the video. It amy be tongue in cheek but it is also true (I know one Capricorn who is a master of order and neatness.)

Capricorns are hard workers. Wonderful to have on your team – but what about if you have a Capricorn boss? Mmm. Get the idea. If they work hard guess what they expect of you? Want a life/work balance? Then, don’t choose a Capricorn as a boss.

Relationships with Capricorns tend to work with ruthless efficiency. So, if you want a partnership that works like clockwork, choose a Goat as a mate.

Capricorn Fun Facts

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