VIDEO: Capricorn and Taurus: Together but for How Long?

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Capricorn and Taurus in Love

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Taurus and Capricorn are both practical types of people, and devoted lovers. That doesn’t mean you are necessarily compatibility.

However, the tenderness that you share in your relationship will depart, even if the Goat doesn’t, if Capricorn feels taken for granted in any way. So, if there’s the possibility that either of you is not looking for a long term, monogamous relationship, then you will both be better off looking elsewhere for what you need. You are both earth signs but that bond is not enough to necessarily bind you together indefinitely.

Taurus can come across as inflexible and are, oftentimes, reluctant to change your plans once your mind is made up. At the center of all this inflexibility is your dislike of change.

Capricorn, you are dependable and honest and you can be relied upon to keep any promises made. Capricorns are certainly capable of saying no. You just say no in a polite, indirect way that rarely causes offence. Typically, the Capricorn is very thoughtful, able to inject tremendous vision into projects, and add hope and imagination into their life plans and goals.

More About The Goat and The Bull

By nature, Capricorns are thrifty and they enjoy getting the most value out of each and every one of life’s resources. This includes money, time, energy and relationships. Above all else, the Capricorn yearns for and admires substance, reliability and proven performance.

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