Capricorn and Sagittarius

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When it comes to Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility, it is not the easiest love match that you can find. But like everything there are exceptions and if both partners put the so needed effort, energy, planning and negotiations and communication it could be a great and lasting relationship.

You two are too different. Capricorn being an Earth sign is down to earth, introverted, even shy, and very responsible. On the other hand Sagittarius being a Fire sign is more fun, enthusiastic and optimistic people.  This does not mean that the Goat is pessimistic

Whilst the Archer loves socialising and attending parties, Capricorns love their home and lead a more conservative lifestyle. Sagittarius is more eccentric, and adventurous. The Archer loves experimenting, trying new things and moving on.  The Goat instead prefers to be cautious, avoids risks and looks for stability.  Having said that, the Goat is also very ambitious and goal oriented, who gets frustrated if he does not achieve the goals.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

 A Sagittarius woman may find a Capricorn man quite boring and perhaps weak. On the other hand a male Goat  may not like the independence that the female Archer needs. So there could be a clash there, but with effort and communication each may learn from the other and could end up being a good relationship.

If the Sagittarius is the man and the Capricorn the woman then this love match has a better chance of surviving, as the male Archer will be able to teach the female Goat how to socialize. Of course the Archer will be able to learn things from the Goat as well.

In conclusion the Capricorn Sagittarius compatibility can be a challenge as their personalities are world apart, but where there is love and dedication; things could work out quite nicely.

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