Capricorn and Leo Match

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When it comes to love and marriage the expectations of a Capricorn and Leo match are not  high. Nevertheless it does not mean it cannot work, because with some effort it could.

The Capricorn and Leo match is great in the business partners arena, but in a loving situation there are many differences that needs to be dealt with. . The goat is more reserved and holds his feelings close to his heart. If the lion can get the goat to open up then this love relationship may have a chance. Otherwise you are best as business partners.

Both Capricorn and Leo are very ambitious and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Both of them enjoy discussing their dreams and are very good leaders. The goat’s ambition can be greater than the lion’s, but the lion is very competitive. If he sees the goat achieving things, he will aim for his own goals.

Capricorns are very conservative and reserved people. They are very down to earth but also very sensible. Capricorns do not trust easily. They love having goals, analysing them and pursuing them patiently, step by step. Whilst Leo loves to do everything fast, as his nature is to be impatient. This sometimes can be a good thing..

The lion is very emotional, enjoys having attention, and loves living in the limelight. Leo is more spontaneous, whilst the goat loves routines. So in this sense, this could result in a positive, the goat could plan the goals and do all the boring jobs, whilst the lion could drive the boat.

Capricorns like to socialize to make new contacts, whilst Leo loves socializing for fun.

The Capricorn and Leo match is not made in heaven, but some of the differences if managed carefully could work out nicely.

Capricorn and Leo match

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