Capricorn and Cancer – Attract or Repel?

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Opposites Attract: Capricorn and Cancer


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Capricorn and Cancer compatibility  can be good, but like any relationship it will require some work. These two signs are at the opposite side of the zodiac, like 180 degrees apart.  As you may know opposites attract and this relationship can rank high in the love and compatibility scale.

Capricorn: You are very practical person. Everything needs to have some value to you.  You are also a very hard working and ambitious person.  Capricorns are romantic people although you may choose a secure relationship over a romantic one.

Cancer: You are a water sign ruled by the Moon. You are very emotional and sensitive, but also can become very moody. You love your home and cooking. Cancerians are extremely intuitive. You may be introverted and reserved but when you make a friend you are usually very loyal.  Cancer people can be manipulative and they know that. They know how to manipulate the other person feelings to make them do what they want.

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Even though you are opposites you are also very similar and this can be a great thing, but it could also not be so good. You are both very conservative. Both, Capricorn and cancer, like to have security in your life. Stability and a secure home life are very important for both of you. Family is also a priority for this Earth and this Water signs.

Being so conservative, your relationship can become a bit boring. There is nothing wrong with it, if you are both happy, but otherwise one or both of you would need to do something different to spice up your life.

Overall this relationship has great potential. Water and Earth can get along very well. The Earthiness in Capricorn can ground the Water in Cancer, offering the Cancerian stability. On the other hand, Cancer can help Capricorn to express their feelings. Both complement each other very well. But it may need some work to result in a fun relationship.

Capricorn Cancer

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Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility


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