Cancer: Know Your Sign’s Traits

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What are the Cancer Sign Traits?

Cancer you are the Crab of the Zodiac. You have developed a hard shell, which is probably just as well – and that rhymes Ive just noticed!

So, what is that shell protecting? Is it something delicate and delicious? Something you want to keep all to yourself or at least until you find someone you want to share yourself with? Yes, I think it probably is Cancer.

So, where did you get your Star Sign name Cancer? And more importantly, how do you like it? Although you are named after an ancient crustacean you haven’t used your time to toughen up – well not on the inside anyway. One of the better known Cancer sign traits is your oversensitivity. Have you noticed that? On the outside you’re all hardened and tough but it doesn’t take much to get a Cancer upset.

Cancer Sign Traits

Cancer - Tough on the Outside Only

Cancer Birth Sign

Furthermore, have you noticed how much those born under the sign of Cancer love to harbor grudges? Maybe this sign should be rebadged as an elephant – an animal that doesn’t forget?

Well, that is the enough about the unkindness of Cancer. What about your wonderfully caring, sensitive nature? Sure you love your space and you are, deep inside that shell of yours, a lover of privacy. Be careful when around a Cancer. If you invade their territory, with your questions or your piercing glaze they are as likely to label you as an enemy – the enemy.

Cancerians aren’t big on deep meaningful gazes. Save those for your next partner. The strengths of your Cancer lie in their faithfulness, carefulness with money and resources and their support of those they love.

Are you a Cancer?

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