How to Win a Cancer’s Heart

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The Cancer Heart and Astrology

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – we all know that. And in the case of the Cancer male this is very apt. If your Cancer partner loves cooking then support him in that and buy him little things for the kitchen. If he isn’t into cooking then you doing the cooking is the best way to win his heart. So, do either of these and you’ll feel compatible and in love.

But there is more to a Cancer than just their stomach. They are also great nurturers and so, if you’d like a bit of pampering and indulgence stick around with your Cancer partner.

To win their heart don;t be skimpy with payments. Pay your own way; buy them treats; be seductive and stay grounded. Cancerians love grounded people.

Cancer’s are known for going off and thinking about things when the going gets tough. So let them be when they do this. They are, after all, a crab and they need to retreat into their shells every so often. Give them that space and they will come back to you pretty quickly.

So, if you feel there is horoscope compatibility between you use these tips and enjoy.

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