He Broke My Heart. Now What?

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He Broke My Heart. Why is He Contacting Me?

Great question! Is your ex trying to stay in your life or get back into it? Beware. His intentions may not be completely honest or honorable. Let’s have a look.

Is he mixed up? Why did you break up? Did he call it off because he:

  • wasn’t sure
  • wanted to test your relationship
  • didn’t know what he wanted
  • wanted what he can’t have
  • there was someone else (potentially or otherwise)
  • he was feeling trapped, smothered or hemmed in – a commitment phobe perhaps?

Or, it might be that he has suddenly:

  • realized that you are the love of his life
  • had a miraculous¬† change of heart
  • discovered that you zodiac signs are completely compatible and he should give you more of a go
  • started missing having someone, anyone will do, in his life
  • gone off the idea of being single and is not up to starting dating again

All possibilities. It is up to you to decide which answer seems the most probable. Use your intuition in this instance … and trust it.

So, He Broke Your Heart …

Now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.


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