Ready to Break Up, Make Up and ……

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Break Up


How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend in 64 Easy  Steps

  • get a girlfriend
  • commit to the relationship
  • think you are going to be together for ever
  • make it feel like you are going to be together forever
  • start to feel that maybe you won’t be together forever
  • be intimate less often
  • wonder if you are drifting apart or whether it is just you
  • argue about her parents
  • have an argument about your parents
  • realize that you don’t know who she is spending time with on the phone, at the cafe, online
  • notice her girlfriends are looking at you differently
  • start complaining to your friends a lot about your partner
  • have an argument about your job
  • argue about Valentine Day
  • argue about your clothes
  • finally argue about the frypan, or the saucepan or the top on the toothpaste
  • decide you are not compatible or in love and break up

Love BreakUp


  • feel relieved
  • feel a sense of anticipation for the future and all it promises
  • be adventurous
  • go to lots of parties
  • get back out there in the singles scene
  • play the music you like that makes you feel good
  • start dating other women
  • have a one night stand
  • have another fling
  • start planning for the future
  • catch up with an old girlfriend and spend the night

And later:

  • meet up with your immediate last ex
  • talk about how much you have grown
  • talk about how much you have missed each other
  • spend time looking at the ceiling of your apartment and dreaming together
  • note that you miss the feeling of freedom
  • note that you miss that sense of adventure that you’d only recently discovered
  • even miss the music you were listening to – and not that that’s OK
  • resume lack of intimacy and feel that that is not so OK
  • have a small argument about a movie
  • have a medium argument about money
  • have a huge disagreement about saving the environment
  • have an insane argument about whatever you want – you won’t remember what started it even
  • break up


  • go out to parties but find your enthusiasm level is lower
  • go out to bars – just for the hell of it
  • start getting bored of anticipation
  • start getting bored with adventure
  • note how boring your choice of music is becoming
  • decide its time to find a new girlfriend
  • notice that the girls are no longer looking you over
  • escape online to try and find out who you are


  • star to notice being alone
  • start to hate being alone
  • start to really hate being alone
  • really really hate being alone, solo, single
  • decide to learn to cope with being alone
  • get good at being alone
  • get better at being alone
  • enjoy being alone even
  • as soon as you are honestly happy with your own company …..
  • get a new girlfriend
  • and repeat

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.


Rinse and Repeat. Ah the stages of love.

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