The Brain in Love

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The Brain in Love

This is the story of 37 people who were at various stages of love and they were put into an MRI machine to see what was happening in their brains.

Romantic love is in every culture and is felt by animals as well as humans.

The brain in love is onto an obsession. It has a  primitive drive that stems from the most primeval part of the brain. It stems from the part of the brain that is also associated with compulsion, rewards, wanting focus, craving and motivation.

And when you are dumped that same part of the brain just kicks in more. Just when we want to forget about our ex and move on the primeval part of our brain says “no way’. And so we sit in our pain and we feel craving and our focus is on our ex and we being with them is the only reward we want.

The second part of the brain that becomes active when love is on the agenda is the part of the brain that does calculations and weighs things up. This is also the part of the brain that drives us to take huge risks so that we may take huge risks for the chance of huge gains. There’s certainly a lot riding on love!

Romantic Love

The third part of the brain that kicks in when romantic love is in the air is the region that is associated with deep attachment.

So, there you have it. When we are falling in love, in love and falling out of love the brain dedicates three of its big guns to the task. That’s good news and bad news. Oh the intensity of the love; oh the pain. Love is a need, an addiction. It is as basic as our need for food and sleep. Romantic love starts out as an addiction and remains that way, always. The brain in love is a curious and powerful force. To know how your brain works is a good start to personal development.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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