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Boost Your Mind Power in Five Minutes or Less

We all know how powerful the mind is. We all know that we only use a small portion of our grey matter and further, most of us would know that focus and harnessing the power within is the key to personal success – in our lives, our relationships, our marriages – in fact in every aspect of life. When our brain is more finely tuned our lives seem to flow more easily.

So, how can you improve your mind power? Here are 10 steps that you can take right now to boost your mental powers:

  • Nutrition

We are what we eat. If you feel lacking in focus and drive, chances are your diet needs to be reviewed. Omega oils are important but in the West they are generally lacking in our diet. So, up the intake of fatty oils and give your brain a grease and oil change. Also, look at increasing the amount of antioxidants in your diet – things like vitamins and zinc. Have a chat to your health practitioner and watch your brain go up a gear

  • Boost oxygen flow

For a quick boost raise your feet higher than your head and feel the rush to the brain. or just add some Ginko Biloba to your daily diet.

  • Remove harmful substances

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are all potential killers.

  • Relax

Relaxation refers to not only meditation and rest, it also refers to staying calm. When our brain is over stressed (note, some stress is good) it is hard to think clearly. Take the pressure off and watch the thoughts flow.

  • Challenge yourself

Do something new – something that stimulates your mind and makes new mental connections. Take up a new activity; do a crossword or Sudoku; join a club. Every new skill learned or task mastered fires up our mind power.

  • Believe in yourself

In a way, the fake it to you make it statement has an element of truth in it. Experiments have shown that those who smile actually begin to feel happier – the brain chemistry receives a boost just by the micro muscular changes in our body.

  • Concentrate and Focus

How long can you realistically focus on a task at hand? It is easier to concentrate when you are doing something you love – so find an all engrossing activity and lose yourself in it for a while.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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