Pretty Woman

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Oh what a voice. Who couldn’t fall for a guy with a voice like that? Sure, he wasn’t an oil painting (RIP) but love is blind and I for one see with my ears.

So, next time you are out there promenading, checking out the talent think about this.

  • Who is admiring you from afar?
  • Who is too shy to make the first move?
  • Who would really love you to give them a smile?
  • Who might just be the very best thing that’s happened to you in a long while?
  • Do you need some dating tips from a coach to get you across the line?

They mightn’t be the most gorgeous guy or girl ever created but their heart could be the biggest one you’ll ever have the privilege of being in a relationship with.

So, walk a bit slower girls and check out those guys with average looks they may just have big hearts.

Guys, do yourselves a favor, see beyond the looks to the big heart that might be yours to share one day, if you are lucky.

These people you take the time to know may just be keepers – the friends you keep for life – those you commit to – just like Roy Orbison.

So, now you have my thoughts. Listen to the video and leave your comments below.


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