What to Do When the Wedding Goes Bad

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Awful Wedding

There is nothing more tragic than a good memory gone badly and the same applies to weddings. When something goes wrong and turns your moment into an awful wedding, there is nothing that you can do but to simply face the moment and get through it. But is it a sign your marriage is destined to be dreadful, you may ask?

Of course not. The key to your marriage lies in your compatibility with your partner, the love you share and your willingness to work at your relationship. The wedding on the other hand is a different matter.

Preparation is crucial in every wedding and couples often try to remedy the so called unfortunate events through the guide of a good wedding planner. Preparation takes time and a conscious effort has to be made. Still, nothing can ever prepare you for some unseen, unavoidable event.

Have you suddenly faced problems with regards to catering or food? How about a dress malfunction? Yes, situations like these can happen and your only solution is to be calm and composed no matter what happens.

Keep in mind that things like food or catering, flowers and seating arrangement are no longer your concerns come your big day. It is the wedding coordinator and planner’s job to do it.

When Good Weddings Go Bad

Do not hesitate to ask for friends’ help. Your bridesmaids are not present for nothing. You can always ask them to help you out when things become quite messy.

It is understandable that you want your wedding to be perfect. However, it is no longer your job to keep everything in order, most especially during the time of your wedding. Concentrate on the event more than the aesthetics and preparation side of it. Keep in mind that your big day is supposed to be memorable for you and your partner.

Enjoy the moment amidst the disaster. Meaning, try to keep a positive attitude and do not cry over spilt milk. It is only natural to get upset, but make sure to not overdo your reaction, for you to not ruin the moment.

A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event. Your day with your partner has to signify love and happiness. But most importantly, do not let a seemingly awful wedding ruin the happy memories that come with it.

Awful Wedding: Now you have my thoughts.

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