How to Avoid Divorce

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Avoiding Divorce


Looking to Avoid Divorce

With the divorce rate being so high, are there things that couples can do to prevent becoming another statistic?


Statistically, if you date for at least two years before you marry then you halve the likelihood that you will divorce. So, don’t rush into marriage or a long term commitment. Enjoy the courtship – really enjoy all that it has to offer, like the fidelity and being able to count on your partner. Road test the relationship in the courting phase. It can only grow stronger the more you experience together.

Take a good close look at your partner. Change the backdrop. Take them to meet your parents, your extended family your old school buddies. Don’t hide them away. They need to know who you are and as you are a product of all that has gone on before, then meeting the important people in your life is a good way for them to see another side of you. It is also an opportunity for you to see how they would fit into your life.

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