How to Really Attract Women

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Tips for Attracting Women

Before you check out the video above, here’s my take on attracting girls.

I guess, if you’re reading this you are either a perfectionist and want to know everything there is to know about women and how to lure them and hold them. Or, you are not yet a success in the dating department.

Either way, women are women. It doesn’t matter whether we are 20 or 30 years of age – we are essentially the same. Most women don’t fall in love at the drop of a hat. There are things we like and there are things that will turn off a percentage of ladies – the question is how many. Maybe you’ve been playing a game of chance and experimenting too much – adopting this persona and then another persona.

Well, that is not going to work – unless you are a Gemini or a Pisces, of course. Both these star signs do have multiple sides to them and anyone you attract will eventually find this out anyway, So, you may as well be yourself, upfront.

Anyway, forget the airs and graces and puffed out chests. It its not you – don’t go there. Women don’w want fake. We know too much; we’re too switched on to be fooled by shams. Do yourself a favor and be genuine.

Attract women

Attract women

To Attract Women – Be Attractive First

If you don’t like who you are – well that’s a different matter. And, here Im talking about the essence of who you are – not the front you put onto the world.

Guys, if you are desperate enough to pretend to be who you aren’t get some help! If even you don’t like yourself, how can you expect women to fall for you. Get real!

Ask a few mates; ask your sister even – she’ll tell you straight up. Ask them what they think of you – with and without the ‘front’. If you value their opinion, then listen to it. If you don’t, go back to trusting your gut instinct.

If you feel you have to fake it – you know what – you’ll never make it. Well, not make it, in the sense of maximising your potential with women, anyway.

Now you can watch the video and get a second take on attracting women!

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How to Attract Women

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