Astronomy Vs Astrology and Star Gazing

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Astronomy Vs Astrology

Oh what a magical time to be outside with your loved on staring up at the night sky.

Rug up if its cold where you are and be grateful that the clouds have parted to reveal the beauty of the universe.

In the video about, the scientists at NASA talk about the sky at night in Feb and March 2012. Now, dont be turned off by the idea of boring astrologists talking about science. The video isnt like that. In fact, it has a soft seductive voice over just to get your lovers in the mood.

So, what does astrology have to do with astronomy? Everything and nothing.

We all know a bit about horoscopes but what about the day to day workings behind the Zodiac Signs?

These are two fields of knowledge that complement each other but, generally speaking, those who study one of them tend not to be experts in the other. You can learn more about Star Signs here.

As you and I know, there is a world to be discovered in the cosmos and what better way to be reminded about that than looking up at the star-filled sky and marvelling at the beauty that is the moon, Venus and Jupiter.

With your lover of course.

Old Fashioned Love using Astronomy and Astrology

Check out the video; you will learn a bit and hopefully be reminded of the beauty that is our world.


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Astronomy and Astrology

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