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Astrology Compatibility, Free Info and the Second Law of Alchemy (sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?)

The First Law of Alchemy states that signs of the same Element (water, air, fire and earth) will usually get along very well.

The Second Law of Alchemy states that signs of the same Group (masculine/yang or feminine/yin) will also be able to get along well. For example fire and air signs (masculine) are very compatible; the same applies to the water and earth signs (feminine).

Fire needs air (think of how long a candle can burn in a vacuum without air) and vice versa. Similarly,  with water and earth – the water helps the earth and the earth contains the water.

So, is there such a thing in Astrology as being Most Compatible?

Yes, the most compatible relationships occur supposedly when the people are from the same Group. Remember, there are two Groups – masculine and feminine – and the best connections are made when two people are from the same Group, but from different Elements within that Group. This is when the most auspicious compatibility is established.

For example: Leo and Gemini are both masculine elements but one is an Air Sign and the other is a Fire Sign.

Similarly, Pisces and Capricorn are both feminine elements and one is a Water Sign (Pisces), the other is an Earth Sign (Capricorn).

It is these types of connections that make the best match and have the most potential.

So, What are You and Who Should You Be on the Lookout For?

To check out your where your potentially most compatible soul mate is hanging out check out Introduction to Horoscope Compatibility 1.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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