Are You Astrologically Compatible?

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So, are you Astrologically compatible

Chances are, if you have to ask this question then you probably aren’t. Unless you are a born worrier, in which case it won’t really matter what you read or hear or see, you are just going to go on worrying. That trait may even be in your star sign.

In this video the Astrologer offers some tips and uses the example of Aries and Virgo to discuss the matter of horoscope compatibility.

These two zodiac signs approach life in different ways. Take the example of a vacation.

The Virgo loves to plan, over organize and plan some more. However, the Aries partner likes to just wing it – be spontaneous and let the holiday unfold. Both have very different core astrological characteristics and what generally happens is that one partner’s wishes is swept aside and the other, often the dominant partner, rules. Big problem for compatibility – at least on the surface!

Both partners have different ways of expressing themselves and therefore expressing how they feel about their partner. It doesn’t mean that one person loves the other less. It is just a matter of realizing that they have a different way of showing it.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


So, now the question for you is, are you happy to live with the difference and recognize it for what it is – not astrological incompatibility necessarily – but rather a zodiac match difference?

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