Should I Ask Her Out?

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Ask That Woman Out?

Are you kidding me? I love her too much to do that?!?!

Is she too hot for you? Does she see you as a friend more than a lover? Does she even know you exist?

What is stopping you?

Step Up to The Plate

It is amazing how hesitant some guys and gals can be. One minute we can be all open and full of bravado on Facebook and the next minute we are frozen solid at the thought – not the actual action even – but the thought of asking a girl for a date.

Why is this?

Which is the real you? The swaggering one in social media or the shy one in real life? Mmm?

Ask Her Out

Ask Her Out

More Than A Beautiful Friendship

This is the big thing that stops many people and its legitimate! If you have a friend, who happens to be a girl and you like her as a person…dating her will certainly change everything. Are you willing to risk all to win all? That may be what is holding you back. True?

It is a gamble, no doubt about it. But life is a gamble too. Sometime you’ve just got to take some risks. otherwise, you may die not knowing. Imagine that, 50 years down the track, after you’ve married someone else, been widowed perhaps, said goodbye to your adult children and launched them into the world and there you are looking back and wondering – about her – the friend you never took a chance with.


It is hard to have the perspective of 50 years when you have only lived for 20 or even 30 years but that helicopter perspective certainly gives you a different view of life.

That’s my take on this issue. Dont just take my word for this… watch the video too.

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