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Be Prepared to Ask More than Once

Ladies, are you having trouble getting through to your man? While this guy makes light of the subject over the life of a marriage or long term relationship this deaf ear syndrome can get very wearing, Right?

So, this is what you’ve got to do for the sake of your sanity and to save your marriage.

Ask him more than once.

Expect it! Every time you want something done be prepared to ask twice, three times even more – and schedule that in. Take it as a given.

If you ask once it is like you haven’t asked at all. Yes, Im with you. You shouldn’t have to ask more than once but the reality is that you usually, generally, in most cases, always, have to ask your man more than once.

This is the trap though. When they finally, eventually, after a long time hear what you are asking they say you arenagging. So, you’ve got to decide is it really that important. If it is, chance being labelled a nagger and ask more than once.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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