Aries and Leo – Compatible?

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Aries and Leo – Is that You? – You’ve Got it Made

This relationship has all the potential to be great. This is a wonderfully compatible couple and astrologically they should fly.

This is a passionate relationship! Fire is the keyword  here as both Star Signs are fire signs.

However, there is an ongoing struggle over who is boss. This is one of the danger area but it resolves easily if one rules the home and one rules the financial and business aspects of their lives.

Aries, who has the tendency of a me first attitude needs to be careful to stroke Leo’s ego every so often. Otherwise, Leo who likes to rule the roost can become very sensitive when ignored.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

Summary: Dynamic, Exciting, Competitive, Compromise

Think Tarzan and Jane. This relationship is filled with romance and sexual power. But that’s not all.There’s the potential to have lots in common also and that may be a good thing that keeps jealousy and rivalry at bay.

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