Having Fun With Aries

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More Fun With Aries

According to the video, and it must be remembered that this is a spoof, a send up of the first sign of the zodiac, the qualities of Aries that make then stand out form the crowd are:

  • Aries is impatient
  • Aries likes, no loves, no needs to be Number one in all that they do
  • Aries thrives on a challenge
  • Can’t find a challenge? Not a problem – The Ram is very good at creating one of their own
  • The symbol of Aries is the Ram – that animal that loves to butt heads, is very determined and strong
  • Aries is a self starter – they love nothing more than starting things up  – even new relationships
  • So, how does The Ram manage to start so many projects? Simple enough, they are known for starting things but not completing them. Get the picture?
Having Fun With Aries

Having Fun With Aries

More on the Aries Character

  • If you have an Aries in your life, remind them to calm down, chill out, and think things through. Seems good advice, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, The Ram rarely does this because they don’t see it as necessary
  • Have you noticed how Aries is usually angry or upset about something, anything all the time, most of the time, at any moment in time?
  • So Aries you need to learn patience; friends of Aries, you need to realize that this lesson is not going to happen anytime soon
  • Enthusiasm is a great trait to have but Aries, have you thought that idea through? Have you stopped for a second to realize that your enthusiasm can be a bad thing, when not curbed?

and finally Aries, your tendency to head butt goes to the heart of most of your personal relationships. It could even be said that you really don’t understand the opposite sex – or is that a bit harsh?

If divorce was an Olympic events Aries would go for Gold!!!

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