Aries and Aquarius – Compatible?

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Aquarius and Aries – Are you Compatible?

Some may regard this as an odd match and they are soon surprised by the moments when these two souls ignite their passion and this relationship takes off.

There is some degree of compatibility in this relationship but both signs are easily bored; they seem to be always looking around, and ahead for new and exciting ventures and people. This can spell compatibility rather than frustration when these two strike out on bold adventures together.

Aquarius does not like being in a rut and will do all she can to escape – often taking Aries with her – and when Aries heads off, they can both end up excitingly close to the edge. So Aquarius, use your abilities when necessary to bring you both back from the brink and together, you will balance and support each other’s needs for adventure, freedom and independence.

Summary: avant-garde, free spirited, outlandish

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