Have Fun with the Aquarius Personality

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The Aquarius Personality

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer. How can this be you may ask? Aquarius is not a water sign even. It is an air sign.

This mix up sets the scene for the Aquarius personality. What do you get when you mix air and water? Yes, bubbly water and what else? Fog. Cold, wet, miserable, damp fog. Yes fog! That pretty much describes the view of the world from the inside of the brain of an Aquarian.

As this spoof video reports an Aquarian pleading ‘I’ve got to be me’ is not a valid defence fo any crimes committed or misdemeanours carried out.

Aquarius Personality

Aquarius Sculpture

More on Aquarius Characteristics

The Aquarian is not the type to take instruction well. They tend to be free thinkers and expect the world to let them get on with their free thinking, without disruption.

Are you a scientific minded Aquarian? Are you interested in all the maths and facts and figures that go with research? If you are, you will make a great scientist and a lousy first date – unless you choose very wisely.


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