Aquarius and Leo Match

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Aquarius and Leo are opposite and as such they attract themselves, but the relationship is not an easy one.

Aquarius you are fun loving and love your freedom. If you feel like the lion is hindering you, you will turn and leave.

Leo, you love being surrounded by people and you like having a large network of people around you, but if you want the water-bearer in your life you will need to leave a gap in your network for your Aquarius partner to reach you when he/she wants.

Despite the initial attraction the Aquarius and Leo match can be extremely difficult. Both of you have strong minds, are very determined and are self centred.  Much compromise from both of you will be needed to ensure a lasting relationship.

Aquarius,  you can be quite detached since you adore freedom. Leo might think you are too unpredictable.  Aquarius you are very confident on yourself, and love networking, but perhaps you do not communicate with people with the same intensity that the Lion does. If you want this relationship to work you will need to start thinking with a broader perspective.

Leo, you are very intense in the relationship and love having a lasting relationship.  Leo, you can teach the water–bearer about the serious things in life. You will need to show understanding for your partner to make this relationship work.

Although the relationship is not the best, boredom and monotony will not be a problem between you two. This is because of Leo’s attitude and because of the eccentric nature of Aquarius.

In conclusion, you may feel attracted to each other at first, but things will not be as easy as they seem. For the Aquarius and Leo match to be a lasting one there would need to be lots of compromise and understanding between each other.

Aquarius and Leo Match

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Aquarius and Leo match

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