Are You Addicted to Love?

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Winner of the University College London’s 2011 Brains on Film festival. Fun short film depicts love and neurotransmission as film noir romance.

Addicted to Love Video

WOW! What a Film! What a Powerful Drug is Dopamine

This short video by PhD student, Alistair Jennings at University College London shows us how the brain induces and processes reward and desire. He sees her; he wants her; that’s all he can think of now. Great story line! This is science in action – or should I say neuroscience on celluloid.

The film leaves us in little doubt that once dopamine weaves it magic we are rendered powerless.

Dopamine is the chemical messenger produced in the brain. We need dopamine to function in our everyday life, but as this video shows there is something more interesting to this chemical than meets the eye. Too much dopamine and we may move towards schizophrenia; too little and the body displays symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The right balance is essential for good healthy functioning and this guy (I mean neuron) in the video is working in overdrive.

Dopamine is linked to adrenaline – the old flight or fight reaction – and it also is one of the neurotransmitters that plays a major part in our addictions.

Nicely portrayed.

Message received and understood Alistair.

Are you addicted to love? Watch the Video too.

So, now you have my thoughts on Addicted to Love…

Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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