What Men Don’t Know About Marriage

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About Marriage


Are you a guy? How much do you really know about love and marriage?

The Phases of Marriage

Every marriage moves through phases. Sure, every therapist has a different take on this but there is an element of truth in this. At every stage, there is the chance to fall further into oblivion or the chance to save marriage.

In this video the counselor talks about his own downward spiral of falling out of love in a marriage and how he turned that pattern around, after 28 years in a sad, unrewarding relationship.

His marriage, as most marriages do, started out at the happiness and contentment stage. Through neglect, infighting and hurt the marriage declined into the struggling phase. This is when a silent pact arises and both parties decide to tip toe around the subjects that end in fights and cause disharmony. Sometimes, when the marriage is struggling outsiders may notice and suggest counseling but often this suggestion falls on deaf ears.

Then the couple, or more often the woman sinks into misery. Everywhere she looks she feels trapped. Everywhere he looks he sees a wife who has a problem. So, he stops looking. He stops noticing. Somehow he figures that she has the problem and so, it is up to her to ‘fix’ it. Mmmmmm.

And, the women may just do something to ‘fix’ the situation but it may not be what he had in mind.

She announces she is at the point of no return and a legal fix is required. Although the woman may be conflicted, divorce is the only solution she sees.

So, is this a downward spiral to hell or freedom? Depends on your perspective I guess.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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