Compatibility Test Your Love

Compatibility Test

Compatibiility Test Your Love

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Compatibility Test Your Relationship Now

So, how good is you relationship? Has it stood the test of time? You don’t have to be psychic to know if your love will last. It helps to be compatible from the outset and even though there’s nothing like life experience to confirm your gut feeling about your loved one, there are some things you can do to compatibility test your love now.

Are Your Ready for Commitment?

Commitment is the dreaded word that so many people spend their lives avoiding  – quite successfully in some instances too.

Interestingly, well it is for me, the word commitment is also used to describe the legal practice of involuntarily placing an unwell person in a psychiatric facility and holding them there against their will.

Heaven forbid if this is how you feel about interpersonal commitment. If you are in a relationship and this is how it feels – then you do need to either walk or get professional help now. This is such an unhappy predicament to be in and you may feel like you need rescuing either from yourself or your relationship.

What is Compatibility? It’s What Everyone is Seeking!

There is no general theory in psychology or elsewhere that outlines what interpersonal compatibility really is. There have been attempts to examine and quantify the degrees of compatibility that may or may not exist between people, but essentially the fact remains that it is as much about gut feeling and intuition as anything else. Many professionals, such as Timothy Leary (the father of LSD experiments at Harvard!) have tried but no-one knows how to measure compatibility.

So, I guess that means we have to do it ourselves and I, for one, am in favour of self help! How about you?

Horoscope Compatibility

Have you noticed with Google that an online query about compatibility will either bring up computer compatibility – Mac/Windows interface and all that – or it brings back search results for zodiac sign compatibility and astrological matching?

Thus, it seems to me, if we want to learn the secrets of compatibility in relationships we need to either learn from the two most powerful companies in the world and somehow extrapolate from electronic devices talking to each other to person-to-person empathy and harmony or we turn to astrology compatibility. The second option seems easier than the first and I do cover this in another part of Compatibility And Love website but there must be another way.

Please join me on this personal journey of discovery into what makes some couples compatibility and what helps them to commit and stay committed to their relationship. I know I’m about to learn a lot and I hope you do too.

Compatibility Tests

There are also loads of compatibility tests online.

If you are in a relationships and serious about your partner and your future together there are a few online compatibility tests you should check out.

In particular, one that you may interest is called:

1,000 Questions for Couples

It’s neither free nor expensive. Let’s face it, it’s your future happiness you’re dealing with and it’s hard to out a price on that. This compatibility test starts with has loads of fun, but relevant questions and gradually moves you through more awkward subjects. The topics covered in this test include:

  • Personality, Feelings & Emotions
  • Favorites
  • Pets
  • Attractions
  • Health, Food & Well Being
  • Vacations
  • Morals, Convictions and Beliefs
  • Religion & Spiritual Matters
  • Car & Driver Holidays & Celebrations
  • Home & Home Life
  • Past & Future
  • Hobbies & Entertainment
  • Love, Romance & Date Nights
  • Friends & Family
  • Communication
  • Career and Education
  • Money
  • Relationships – Past & Present
  • Children & Child Rearing
  • Wedding & Honeymoon
  • Sex

Anyway, here’s that link again.

1,000 Questions for Couples

Check it out

And decide if this Compatibility Test is right for You and Your Partner

Only You Know That

Free Compatibility Tests

There are a number of free compatibility tests online and, in the name of research, I’ve been having some fun with my zodiac sign and that of my partner.

Here is a sample of my findings:

Love Score 

Compatibility Test

Numerology as a Love Test

Result: Capricorn and Pisces are very different, but this is exactly what makes this match so good.

Capricorns are usually very reserved and concentrate a whole lot more on the material aspect of life, rather than the emotional one. Pisces individuals, on the other hand, are usually very sensitive and romantic, but often fail at being practical with their choices.

When the two are put together, the Sea Goat will provide the stability and security, whilst the Fish will bring in the passion and romance.

The two are also very loyal and not afraid of commitment.

As far as love life is concerned, both Pisces and Capricorn want similar things. Their differences are very complimenting, and both will be able to learn a lot from each other.

This match is definitely a perfect one, at least as far as astrology can tell.

My Response: Pretty accurate actually.

Love Test

This test involved some very silly questions including:

    • Does he have a moped, motorcycle or a car?
    • Does he have his own room?
    • Do you love him?
Result: My partner doesn’t want to let me go!
My Response: That’s a relief!! And anyway, we’ve been together a long time already.

Numerology Test

Result: Our names mean we are only 1-2% compatible (whatever that means!)

My Response: Whatever that means! Drhh.

More About Love Tests – Free and Paid

I’ve already mentioned the Astrological Compatibility tests above and there are numerous interesting posts elsewhere on this site on how to match up your Zodiac Signs.

Then, there are what are known as Love Calculators (Oh! If only finding true love was as straight forward as applying a mathematical formula or running a ruler over the relationship.)

There are love calculators for every combination (male/female; male/male) – you get the idea. These probably do involve statistical averages – that’s why they ask obvious questions like:

  • How long have you known each other?
  • Have you met each pother’s parents?
  • Have you been away with him? and the clincher
  • Do you love him?

I’m pretty certain that there are statistics somewhere that will show the significance of each possible response to these types of questions. Besides which, really and truly, the answer’s in the question!

Numerology Compatibility Test

Having done the free online numerology test (see above) already and not been impressed with the results, I wasn’t sure if there was anything to be gained from paying for an upgrade to the Numerologist. I’ll reserve judgment and again, leave you to decide if numerology is your thing.

Perhaps start with a basic online numerology test and decide from there. At least they are quicker than other types of tests.

Psychometric Compatibility and Commitment Test

Love Test

Psychometry Testing and Love

This type of testing is the cornerstone of the online dating sites. You know the ones.

They use flash plugins; everyone (well almost everyone) looks their happiest self; and the lists of demands and wants and needs is as long and as unrealistic as the fixed smiles on the askers (sorry if I’m referring to you – I’m probably not because there are so many people registered at these sites, what are the chances of me having you in mind when I write about fixed smiles? Really, what are the chances?

Anyway, the results of these psychometric tests are ambiguous at best and the actual process (with the possible exception of one) is unsupported by scientific research.

The one psychometric test that has withstood scientific testing is known as TCT or True Compatibility Test. The results of this testing, written up in the Dynamical Psychology Journal, are available here. However, for our purposes, all we need to remember is that, as with all things there are qualifications to this statement.

Compatibility Tests or Commitment Tests: What’s the Bottom Line?

There seem to be a number of factors at play when it comes to working out whether a couple is compatible and whether their relationship will last.

These include:

  • how well they communicate
  • are they truly committed?
  • how do they resolve the inevitable difference sand conflicts that arise?
  • similar backgrounds and income expectations
  • personal values; we value people who have the same values

Where Do We Find Love, Commitment and Compatibility?

It could be right there in the person you are seated opposite. If not, and you really have checked then continue to read the blog and perhaps try out one of those online dating sites.

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