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Dating Tips

The whole dating thing is a great introduction to the muckiness of love relationships. It’s rare for a relationship to not have speed humps and detour and even dead ends. Relationships are complex. How else can it be?

But when you add the additional layer of online dating, things really start to get complicated.

You and your partner are an amalgam of everything that has gone on before in your lives – both online and offline and this is complex.

The good news is though, if you survive the first stage of online dating, there’s a good chance that you will have learned enough about each other to know how compatible you are, how your expectations align, and whee you want to take your relationship.

First Date Protocol

Be independent. Make your own arrangements for getting to and from your first offline date. Sure, come to some agreement about where you’ll meet – a public place is highly recommended – and go from there.

Internet Dating

Pay your own way. Half the check. There will be plenty of time to find out about your potential partner’s spending habits but the first date is not the time to do this. There’s enough pressure and anticipation and expectations hanging on this first meeting that the best idea is to reduce the stress as much as possible.

Hence the advice to go Dutch and meet in a public place like a cafe or a park. Simple? Keep it that way.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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