Office Romance – Are You Playing with Fire?

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Are You Contemplating an Office Romance?

Obviously you don’t have to work in an office to have an office romance but if you are seriously thinking about mixing work and pleasure, even having an office romance affair then check out this video for some tips on what to do and what to avoid.

47% of people interviewed in a recent poll said that they had dated a co-worker. Unfortunately, the line of questioning didn’t reveal whether the dating had gone smoothly, with few hiccups, although the results of a questionable survey do suggest that 40+% of workplace romances move onto marriage. So, perhaps there is something to working together and being a good match.

Be warned: some workplaces do have policies about this sort of thing and those policies may not be as unbiased as you’d hope. So, if you know someone in HR, ask them – hypothetically, of course.

Beware the Office Romance

I wonder. What are the chances of going into and coming out of an office romance unscathed? Have you thought about that? In all seriousness there is a huge downside to doing it in the workplace.

Sure, at the outset you’re cautious and quiet, even secretive about your relationship. But later on, what happens when the inevitable pillow talk turns to arguments? How do you leave your private life at home when you drive to work together, have lunch together, attend meetings together and one of you may even be the boss?

Let’s face it office romances can and do get complicated. But, if you are still game to embark on one, here are some office dating tips:

  • make the first move outside of the workplace and not at a company function in front of your co-workers
  • develop a secret code so that you can communicate about personal things without dragging everyone else into your web – but don’t overdo the covert operation
  • don’t spend too much time together at work. Leave space in your day for your co-workers; and
  • when it does finally end, as most relationships do, handle the ending with dignity.

Sure, your heart will be broken. Yes, it will be hard to see your partner moving onto the next person. Of course, your work will suffer a little but, in the end I hope you will think it was all worth while. Was it?

Office romance: the do’s and don’ts

Mixing Business with Pleasure

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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