Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance Relationships Suck – or do they?

Ever been in a long distance relationship? You know the type. The relationship where you’re on line more than most, your phone bill goes sky high, your social life plummets and you spend too much time wondering. That kind of dating.

So, do long distance relationships work? I’m inclined to agree with this guy who says Mr or Mrs Right lives somewhere near your zip code. Seems like an insightful comment to me but I guess things don’t always work out the way we think they should.

Are long distance relationships too much work? Certainly, there is a lot of extra effort required just to keep the momentum going and surely that energy could be better spent on someone that is physically closer to you.

There’s the excitement, the anticipation, the highs and lows of hellos and goodbyes where long distance relationships are concerned and they all add to the attractiveness of the situation but maybe these extremes of emotion are addictive. Have you ever considered that a long distance relationship may be more about the buzz than the actual content?

Sometimes the chase is more exciting than the kill and where distance is concerned there is certainly room for things to go awry.


So, if you want to chance it, by all means try it. I know some marriages that exist on this basis but….. do you really need another layer of doubt where love is concerned?

So, now you have my thoughts on Long Distance Relationships.

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