Interracial Relationships – Yes or No?

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Inter-racial Dating – the Pitfalls

Here are some things to think about before you even start in the interracial dating game. Is it harder to be a good match? No, not if you abide by a few rules.

Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be black just because you’re talking to a black guy. Don’t act like you are white just because you are interested in a white girl. If you are Asian, stay Asian. Just be yourself.

Then there are those people who only date interracially. What’s that about? Can anyone tell me? What about these people looking for? Every thought about it. Why do some Asians only date whites? Is it cultural; are they looking for what they’re not? Perhaps someone can give me an insight into this.

Inter Racial Relationship

Inter Racial Relationships

Do you find that you are more compatible with another face? If so, why? Do those relationships last any long for you? What is it about them that makes you feel more comfortable, more attractive, more attracted?

Of course, life is hard enough and dating can be complicated so why add another layer of complication? I guess the short answer is that if you really like someone for who they are, rather than what they are, then the complications and difficulties that you two dating will throw up are just par for the course. Your parents may want to protect you from these added hurdles. They aren’t necessarily racist. Your friends may give you all the advice and then some more but you have to wonder what their motive is.

Mixed Relationships

In the end it is your decision. Just go in to the relationship knowing why you like the gal or the guy and be prepared for some outside interference.

So, now you have my thoughts on Inter-racial Relationships…

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