First Date Do’s and Don’ts

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First Date Tips for Men


First Date Tips

Here are a number of tips that should get you in the right frame of mind and help you to enjoy that first, new date.

The idea of a first date is to see if you are compatible. Even if you’ve met before and this isn’t a blind date, there will be things that you didn’t notice first time round. There will also probably be things you chose to overlook at your first encounter just to get to first base with the other person. So, this first date is all about are seeing if you are, broadly, a good match.

Before the date you might like to check them out on Facebook. But don’t memorize the facts and figures and names! Your first date is meant to be a date not an interrogation. And stop the online search before you feel like a stalker!

Words of Advice for Guys

So, your tips for that all important date are:

  • be positive and stay positive for the whole evening. If you aren’t compatible, note that, but still try and enjoy each other’s company for the few hours you’re together
  • don’t go on and on about the negatives in your life – your ex, your Mum, your financial woes etc. In order to present yourself in the best light, don’t lie but also don’t mope and brood. Enjoy!
  • find topics you have in common, even if it’s sport or the weather and go from there. if you can’t move the conversation to another topic of common interest do the first topic to death. That’s better than sitting there in an awkward silence.
  • ask questions. Often it’s easier to get your date to do the talking first, allowing you time to settle in and find your own rhythm.
  • and if all goes well, don’t overdo it. Don’t drink too much, make too many plans together, or use the word ‘we’. It’s too early for all that. Remain calm and in control so that your first impression is a good one.
First Date Tips men

First Date Tips men

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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