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Dating Single Mom and the Living Room Date

When do you get to the living room date stage? First date? No way – far too early. Second date? A definite passion killer. How about the third date? Getting closer but if you’re budget can stretch to a couple more babysitter payments I’d be for holding off and giving you and your new guy the biggest chance possible to get to know each other as a couple and see how compatible you are.

So, when you feel the time is right, invite him round for that living room date and make sure he brings a bottle of wine, or box of chocolates or in someway contributes to the evening. Well that’s what I think anyway. That may not be your idea of a perfect living room date, so Ill leave you to decide on who contributes what.

Once the night is set:

  • clean, clean and clean – not just the living room – first impressions are important and if he is in your home for more than a few minutes he may just get to see around a bit more
  • don’t hide toys (children’s toys that is) and watch for his reaction. Positive – hopefully
  • choose neat casual attire – at home but not too fancy
  • hold back on the makeup
  • freshen the air – a few candles – but not too many
Dating single mom

Dating Single Mom

  • background music would be nice
  • play a game, read a magazine, go through your music collection
  • don’t watch tv
  • stay calm – if you freak out when your child wakes up, both your guy and your child will take their lead from you. If you are calm, so should they be

So, there it is. Have a good time on your living date.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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