How Committed are You?

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Are you in a committed relationship? If you are, check this out. If not, you’ll probably still see the funny side.

I just love humor and this guy, Chris Rock is funny.

Humor is a great way to get a point across and having spent quite a bit of time looking at videos on Youtube, researching on your behalf, it is clips like this that make me keep going. Chris shines his light of humor on commitment and personal compatibility.

Warning: this video does contain crude language and lots of big cheesy smiles

Here’s his premise:

  • Why is that when you’re single and not in a committed relationship no one calls, no one gives you a second look but as soon as you commit and she scrub you up and makes you look half decent, suddenly you’re attractive?
  • Men never settle – they just surrender
  • Once you are committed, don’t cheat. If you do cheat – you will get caught
  • If you cheat on your woman then you’ve just given her a free cheat on you card
  • Women can have all the evidence they need but they want the confession. “I know you did it, just admit it”
  • If you do cheat and she gives you an ultimatum, you are dammed if you do admit it and you’re dammed if you don’t admit it
  • Life isn’t short, it’s long, especially if you make the wrong decision and marry the wrong person

and finally

  • It’s much better to recycle an old relationship and really try and keep it new.

So, out of this funny guy’s one-man-show comes some good advice on why you should remain faithful. Do you agree?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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