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Aries and Aries – Two Rams Hard at It

Aries and Aries - Two Rams Hard at It

Aries and Aries video: Two Rams. Is there room in your world for two? Watch the video and gain some insight into your relationship. You are the first sign of the zodiac and this adds another layer to your partnership.

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Pisces and Libra: More than Friends?

Pisces and Libra Video: Are these two really soul mates or just comfortable in each other’s company? Watch the video and decide what you think abut the Pisces Libra match.

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Leo: A Pussy Cat or the Real Thing?

Leo Fun Facts Video: Enjoy your Lion but don’t get too close. watch this tongue in cheek video and decide if there really is much room left in Leo’s life for a relationship. Sure they love the adoration, who wouldn’t? But, can you really tolerate all their childish antics?

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Pisces: Watch Where You are Swimming

Pisces Fun Video: Is a relationship with Pisces a bit like living through a ship wreck, made better by the idealistic haze that seems to surround all thing associated with the Fish? Watch the tongue in cheek video and decide.

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Aries Pisces – Love or Lust?

Aries Pisces - Love or Lust?

Aries Pisces Love Video: You are right next to each other on the zodiac wheel but does this mean you are naturally close and compatible? Watch this video and see.

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Capricorn: a Goat Clinging to the Mountain Edge

Capricorn Fun Facts: Oh that Goat loves to cling on. it will cling to the mountain, to the goat path and to you. If you want a loyal partner and are prepared to allow some ruthless efficiency into your life, then team up with the next Goat that comes along.

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Have Fun with Scorpio But Watch that Sting

Scorpio Fun Facts: Vengeful, overly focussed, keen to have the upper hand. Does this sound like you Scorpio? Take a look at this tongue in cheek video about being a Scorpion.

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Protected: Virgo eBook

Virgo Love Match:

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Protected: Taurus eBook

Taurus Love Match:

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